"My 5 stars may be a little biased as I have been getting my hair cuts here for a decade now.  My business used to be around the corner, but I still go to see Steve, eventhough I moved 5 miles away. Their clientele varies as per the downtown Seattle business folk.  Most of the clients that walk in while getting my hair cut are known by name and peronal information is always exchanged.  How if the wife?  Did that business deal go through? etc, etc.

Also, just wanted to clarify some previous raters comments. They accept walk-ins, but they book out their weeks pretty quickly.  So as you may not get a haircut immediately as you walk-in.  They typically have a time slot.

Haircuts are $24.00 as of this review, but this price has changed only about $4.00 over the last decade.  It is very fair compared to the other salons in the dowtown area, where most places are $40.00 for a men's haircut at a women's s
"-  Mark M.


"Just want to reiterate how much this place rocks. I went somewhere else last time and had a bad experience. From now on it is Stewart St. Barbers only for me."

- Jesse C, Seattle


"5 stars might be a bit strong, but I am pre-disposed to like this place, since it's a small business and something just a little special. I don't often go to barber shops - usually just your run of the mill strip mall haircut places, so while looking for a spot in Seattle for a long overdue haircut, I happened on Stewart Street and decided to give it a whirl.

It's reservation only, so be sure to call ahead. Once you're there, you'll notice there's not a lot to see - it's a small storefront with two barber's chairs. When I stopped by, only one of the partners was there, reading the paper and waiting for me to arrive, which I thought was just kind of cool. The haircut was meticulous, particularly the care he took to keep the hair out of my collar (important since I got my hair cut at lunch and so would be dealing with the itch for the rest of the day), plus a straight razor shave with hot lather on the neck line. A great experience.

It's a but pricier than my standard crappy haircut, but it's worth it for the extra care taken, plus a better atmosphere. I would love to be able to make this my regular stop, but it's quite the commute when I'm not in Seattle."

-Andrew T


"This place is a traditional small business barber shop with two licenced barbers (not stylists or cosmotologists) named Steve & Paul. Both are great. I discovered this place when I moved to Seattle in 1997 and went here until I stopped working downtown in 2008 and could not make it into Seattle before their closing time around 5 pm-ish. (They are often flexible and if you can't make it until 5 - they've been known to stay open for that last customer...) The price is reasonable - I paid just under $30 including tip - you get a traditional barber cut with scissors and a straight-edge shave on the neck with that warm foam and aftershave or bay rum.

They understand the meaning of "medium taper", "a little off the top" or "medium sideburns" and can cut hair without being confused if you don't give them a "number" for the clippers, like some of those McHaircut places.

They are excellent and one of the things I miss about not working in DT Seattle. Appointments are definitely recommended as they generally are busy. It's a classic small business - they care, have cool stuff to read, and are genuine without the extra fluff or costs (do you really need to watch ESPN or that a drink whilst getting a haircut?).

They are not open on weekends though - strictly a Monday to Friday deal which is why I had to find a new place. Writing this review - I realise how much I miss them after going for over 10 years to the point that I didn't even need to tell them how to cut my hair - they just knew - and when I'd call for an appointment - it was a first name basis.
problems giving a good neckshave for a reasonable price." -

-Peter H. Issaquah

UPDATED: "I must update my first review of this. Though still officially a Monday-Friday business - one of the partners (Paul) will open for you on a Saturday if given advance notice (a couple of days). They care about their business and customer service that much to open the shop if requested - for their regular customers.
I've now returned....goodbye Weldon Barber and all you other pricey places on the Eastside..."

-Peter H., Issaquah

Definitely one of the better barbers who care about giving a good haircut and have no


"Nice guys giving good cuts for a decent price. They even trim the edges with a straight razor. This is my new regular spot."

- Anonymous, Seattle (Yelp review)



"Great old-fashioned haircuts in downtown Seattle at reasonable prices! No frills, two chairs, soft jazz playing in the background.I've been going there more than eight years, and have always had an enjoyable experience. Paul's my barber (He knows his way around my head), we talk and joke and laugh. Steve has such a great dry wit that you may not know why you're chuckling until you're out the door half a block away. Both are excellent at their work! Stewart St.-across from Macy's. Give 'em a call at 206-223-0009"


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